Swedish Country Heater

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This is a Swedish Country Heater clad in Washington State river rock.  The heater and a Frisch/Rosin Fireplace on the backside were fitted with a stainless steel coil to pre-heat the domestic hot water.  The pre-heat tank (40 gallon) is behind the stone column to the left of the heater and above the wood storage area.  This is a very attractive and functional system.  It heats over 1200 sq. ft. with hi loft (heater only).  The only thing missing in this package (which we do offer) is a heated hearth (bench) and oven.

The home the unit was built in is a log home approximately 1600 sq. ft. plus a loft and solar porch.  The heater and fireplace combo in 1992 cost approximately $16,000.00 installed with stone.  The same thing in brick possibly $9,000 to $10,000.